Chasing a dream


One of our own – BLAKE LITTLE decided to sign up for 2021 CHICAGO MARATHON!!! He starts his training soon and is going to spend the whole summer in preparation to CRUSH IT!

“I recently took a leap of faith and signed up to run in the 2021 Chicago Marathon.  I guess my mom was right, I really can’t sit still.  Since I’m not yet a preferred runner for the marathon, I’ll be working through the charity sponsorship program to secure my seat. 

I’ve chosen to work with the American Cancer Society as a sponsor for the race and will be contributing to their fundraiser in order to participate.  I chose the American Cancer Society for many reasons, ultimately though because cancer hits far too close to home for so many.  I think most, if not all of us, know or have known someone who has battled with cancer in the past or currently battling it now.  Taking part in this event gives me the chance to honor those touched by cancer as well as helping to raise funds for further research by medical professionals across the world.  We’re not only supporting all of the current cancer battles, but also those millions of cancer survivors worldwide. 

Looking forward to crushing the 43rd annual Chicago Marathon.”

-Blake Little